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Our passion for helping others is front and center in everything we do. Whether youโ€™re shopping online, visiting our team in-store or exploring the blog, we approach each as an opportunity to connect with our community and share valuable knowledge. Is there a specific topic youโ€™d like to learn more about? Use our contact form to share your topic suggestions!

Cannabis Saves Lives

  • Gucci Therapy
  • Great place and good products, Iโ€™ve been going here for a while and perfect every time.
  • Great products at great prices. And location is very convenient .
    Randy Tharpe
  • What a great place! Amazing hospitality and amazing product.
    Liza Vela
  • Dude knows his stuff. Prices are also great. Great experience
    maxwell eubanks
  • This is the only place that legitimately deserves a 5 star rating! The staff is really on their game and the products they carry are high quality. My new go-to shop for all my herbal needs ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Shawn Alford
  • The pain salve is amazing. Works great, organic, and very light scent which I appreciate as I am allergic to many perfumes. Very helpful & knowledgeable.
    Jaime C
  • Dude was awesome to talk to and damn good product
    Christopher Templin
  • Great CDB products at great prices. The staff know their stuff and the shop has a wonderful vibe to it. An amazing place to shop.
    Quinten Wride
  • Ric 0


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    Green Gold Healing is Here to Help

    We Take Freedom Seriously

    The word โ€œfreedomโ€ has many implications; freedom from persecution, pain, fearโ€ฆ All things we should have access to while living in the โ€œland of the free.โ€ At Green Gold Healing, we know what it takes to protect that freedom. Weโ€™ve committed our lives to it.

    Green Gold was founded by veterans for veterans โ€” and for everyone in this great country who is ready to explore the benefits of plant medicine. Although our story is still being written, we love sharing our journey thus far.

    Featured Cannabinoid Products

    Weโ€™ve got great things in store for you

    Green Gold Healing carries high-potency products to ensure you get the most out of every dose and every dollar. Explore our featured products, picked by our team.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    • Thank you Greengold!!! Thomas, Amanda and the rest the Green Gold Crew are the best at what they do with only the best top tier products on the market on their shelves that ACTUALLY WORK. Finally a legit Lounge with fire glass and product, my prayers have been answered, customer for life
      B Wyld
    • Green Gold is TRULY what these products are! The Delta 8 tincture is amazing and has helped me come off of prescription anti anxiety medicine. I was super nervous about coming off medication but the transition was so smooth. I can’t go without mentioning the benefits of the CBD White Chocolate Pain Relief Lotion. It smells wonderful! We use this regularly for headaches, back aches, etc.. instead of over the counter medicine. I can’t say enough about Thomas and the great work he is doing.
      Brittany Jones
    • Wow this store has the highest milligram most affordable CBD products Iโ€™ve ever seen anywhere.
      John Smith