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Balancing Act: Florida’s Crackdown on Hemp Products and the Need for Informed Choices

August 3, 2023

Florida’s strict approach towards cannabis and hemp products has come to light with the recent exposure of “Kandy Krush,” an operation that unveiled an alarming number of illegal items. The statewide sweep conducted by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services targeted food establishments selling hemp extract products that seemed appealing to children, an act forbidden by Florida law.

The operation spanned a week and encompassed over 475 food establishments across 37 counties, leading to the discovery of a staggering 68,689 packages of hemp extract products, including high-potency THC items designed to lure children. The impact of Operation Kandy Krush has driven the Florida Legislature to advocate for reforms in hemp laws, aiming to safeguard children and consumers from hazardous products.

During the legislative session in 2023, Commissioner Simpson collaborated with Senator Colleen Burton and Representative Will Robinson Jr. to introduce new legislation. This legislation aims to limit the sale of hemp extract products, like delta-8, to minors. Additionally, it mandates that all products sold in Florida adhere to the same health and safety standards as regular food items and are packaged securely. The bill defines “attractive to children” as products shaped like humans, cartoons, or animals, resembling widely recognized branded food products that could be mistaken for candy, particularly by children. The bill also encompasses products containing any color additives.
cannabis candy

These proactive measures were put in place to protect Florida’s minors from unintentionally consuming dangerous edibles and to guarantee consumer safety through stringent regulations. Commissioner Simpson emphasized the importance of enforcing the law to maintain community safety, stating, “Illegal and unsafe hemp products have no place in our state.”

However, some are questioning why the Florida government is targeting the hemp extract industry specifically when other industries engage in similar practices. The alcohol and tobacco industries, for instance, often package their products attractively, potentially enticing young people. Furthermore, these industries advertise on television and other media platforms in ways that could appeal to minors. This discrepancy in regulations has led to debates about the government’s priorities regarding child protection and the potential risks posed by different industries.

The focus on hemp extract products in this manner could also influence public opinion on cannabis as a whole, portraying the industry negatively and associating it with recklessness and irresponsibility. Therefore, there is a need for better education and awareness about cannabis and hemp products. Governments should protect children from dangerous substances while ensuring that consumers are well-informed, allowing them to make educated decisions about what is safe and suitable for them.

Cannabis, compared to substances like tobacco and alcohol, has been proven to be a healthier and safer option for adults. It is crucial for individuals to have the right to choose cannabis if they wish, and governments should educate people about its benefits to enable informed decisions.

As more states move towards legalization of hemp and cannabis products, they should maintain a cannabis-friendly approach and focus on ensuring that consumers are well-educated about product safety. This will lead to a more responsible and informed cannabis industry.

As we conclude this eye-opening discussion, it is evident that Florida’s efforts to regulate hemp and cannabis products are rooted in the desire to protect children and consumers from potential risks. Operation Kandy Krush has shed light on the need for stricter regulations to ensure the safety of our communities.

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