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Mellow Fellow Dream Blend Sunset Sherbet


Experience the magic of Sunset Sherbet in our Dream Vape Cartridge – 2ml of pure delight! With sweet, fruity flavors of orange, lemon, and berries, it’s a sensation like no other. And that’s not all! Our expertly crafted Dali’s Dream Blend includes Delta 8, HHC, CBN, CBD, and THCp for a truly unique journey. Relax, unwind, and let the dreams take over. Unlock the potential of cannabinoids today! Must be 18+ to enjoy. Use responsibly.

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Looking for an unforgettable smoking experience? Look no further than the Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain! This dreamy disposable vape is packed with 2ml of potent cannabinoid oil, making it the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a powerful hit.

The Sunset Sherbet Cannabis indica-dominant hybrid Strain gets its name from its sweet and fruity flavor, which is reminiscent of a summer sunset. When you take a puff of this flavorful vape, you'll taste hints of orange, lemon, and berries.

Whether you're new to cannabis vaping or are a seasoned pro, the Sunset Sherbet Cannabis Strain is sure to give you an enjoyable and memorable experience. Mellow Fellow's NEW Dali's Dream Blend was specifically formulated to make you dream more and dream 


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