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Mellow Fellow Picasso Euphoria Strawberry Amnesia


Mellow Fellow’s Picasso Euphoria Strawberry Amnesia – A Burst of Potent Energy and Blissful Delight in a 2ml Disposable Vape. Crafted with THCP, HHC, Delta 8, H4CBD, CBD, and CBG, this unique strain combines sugary-sweet strawberries and minty freshness for a flavor symphony like no other. Embrace uplifting sativa effects complemented by a relaxing body buzz. Elevate your senses and creativity with every puff. Experience the art of blissful euphoria today!


Strawberry Amnesia is a potent, energy-boosting strain bred with the sativa lover in mind. Take Strawberry Cough, cross it with Amnesia and you get the sugary-sweet strawberry and minty flavors of its parents. Supporting the uplifting, cerebral effects of a sativa, Strawberry Amnesia is also balanced by a relaxing body buzz from its indica heritage.


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