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Herbal Harmony Immune Boost Tea


Herbal Harmony Immune Boost Tea

Dive into a 30-day supply of nature’s finest botanicals, expertly blended with a calming 250mg of CBD per cup. This 90-gram mixture, rich with immune-boosting herbs, also includes a complimentary 3-gram stainless steel strainer. Experience daily tranquility, holistic wellness, and a fortified defense against seasonal challenges with every soothing sip.

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Experience the rich tapestry of nature's botanicals seamlessly interwoven with the calming essence of CBD in our "Herbal Harmony Immune Boost" tea.

Raspberry Leaf & Nettle Leaf: Delight in the embrace of these revered herbs, renowned for their vitality-enhancing properties that nourish both body and soul.

Lemon Balm: Let this tranquil herb whisk away daily tensions, gifting you moments of serenity with each brew.

Elderberries & Elder Flowers: Nature's formidable guardians, they amplify your body's defenses, creating a robust shield against seasonal ailments.

Rose Hip & Oregon Grape Root: A symphony of antioxidants and digestive benefits pours from these ingredients, painting a portrait of comprehensive wellness.

Ginger Root: Feel the gentle caress of ginger as it soothes and revitalizes your digestive realm.

CBD: Immerse in the transformative power of 7500 milligrams of CBD infused within the blend, offering a potent 250 milligrams per cup. This tranquil elixir deepens the tea's restorative journey, imparting profound relaxation and potential anti-inflammatory relief.

Lemon Verbena & Echinacea Purpurea: These botanicals not only refresh the palate but also fortify the immune system, standing as sentinels of health.

Dive deep into the rejuvenating embrace of our "Herbal Harmony Immune Boost" tea. Every cup promises a voyage from the strains of the everyday to a sanctuary of health and tranquility.


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