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Green Gold Healing’s CBD-Infused Roll On Pain Relief Salve (5000mg)


Green Gold Healing’s 5,000mg CBD Roll-On Salve

Delve into swift, natural relief with our 5,000mg CBD Roll-On Salve, blended seamlessly with the soothing essence of Benzocaine. Designed for daily ease and tackling mild discomforts, this premium formula offers a silky application and rapid absorption. Crafted for those seeking a balance of potency and gentleness, it ensures consistent comfort throughout your day. Experience the pinnacle of holistic wellness with every glide of Green Gold Healing’s trusted salve.

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Green Gold Healing’s CBD-Infused Roll On Pain Relief Salve (5000mg)


Does CBD roll on help with pain? Absolutely! Green Gold Healing’s CBD-Infused Roll Up Pain Relief Salve is meticulously formulated to offer a transformative synergy of relief. Our signature blend, boasting 5000mg of premium CBD and 1000mg of Benzocaine, provides a swift and targeted response to discomfort, giving lasting serenity throughout your day—perfect for those tackling everyday aches and mild discomfort.


What is the strongest CBD roll on? While our 5000mg salve caters to everyday ease, we pride ourselves in offering diverse strengths to cater to all needs.


What type of pain is CBD best for? Our salve is adept at alleviating various discomforts, from surface-level irritations to deeper muscular aches. The combination of CBD and Benzocaine ensures you receive both immediate and sustained relief.


Features & Benefits:


Rapid Relief: Our potent blend acts quickly, providing targeted relief at the source of pain.

Sensory Experience: Immerse in its rich texture and organic aroma, which collectively enhance relaxation and promote a sense of well-being.

User-Friendly Design: The roll-on design ensures a mess-free, precise application. Twist, elevate, and glide with ease.

Natural & Ethical Pledge: Crafted with non-GMO ingredients and devoid of cruelty, our salve stands as a testament to our commitment to both you and the environment.

Product Details: Each roll-on carries 65 grams (2.3 ounces) of our superior blend, promising consistent efficacy with every use.

How often should you use CBD roll on? For optimal results and sustained comfort, apply as needed to areas of discomfort. Always follow individual tolerance levels and consult with a healthcare professional if unsure.


Journey with Green Gold Healing to experience relief redefined, blending tradition with cutting-edge innovation for your well-being.


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