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Green Gold Healing’s CBD-Infused Roll On Pain Relief Salve (10,000mg)


Green Gold Healing’s Amplified 10,000mg CBD Roll-On Salve

Dive into deep relief with our powerful CBD-Infused Roll On Pain Relief Salve, boasting a potent 10,000mg of premium CBD, further enhanced with 2,000mg of Benzocaine. Engineered for those battling intense discomfort, this blend tackles pain at its core, providing an alternative approach to traditional pain-relievers. Derived from the purest CBD isolate known for its exceptional pain-alleviating properties, the salve offers a sublime aromatic journey, enveloping you in both solace and a heightened sensory experience. Its precision roll-on design ensures a mess-free application every time. Ethically crafted without GMOs and embodying cruelty-free values, each 65 grams (2.3 ounces) roll-on container is a testament to nature’s profound ability to heal and rejuvenate. Experience elevated peace and relief with Green Gold Healing’s commitment to superior well-being.


Green Gold Healing’s CBD-Infused Roll On Pain Relief Salve (10,000mg)


Does CBD really help relieve pain? Without a doubt, our advanced CBD-Infused Roll On Pain Relief Salve, fortified with a mammoth 10,000mg of superior CBD and complemented by 2000mg of Benzocaine, has been engineered to wage a formidable war against pain. Delivering deep, potent relief, this blend ensures that pain is tackled at its root, ushering in enduring solace even for those battling intense discomfort.


Is CBD as effective as ibuprofen? Many users have found our salve to be a powerful contender, harnessing the holistic benefits of CBD which offers an alternative approach to traditional over-the-counter remedies like ibuprofen. While each individual may react differently, our salve’s potency is aimed at matching, if not exceeding, the relief provided by common pain-relievers.


What is the best CBD strain for pain? Our 10,000mg salve harnesses the prowess of premium CBD isolate, acclaimed for its pure concentration and unrivaled efficacy. This ensures that you’re receiving one of the best strains, specifically chosen for its exceptional pain-relieving properties.


Features & Benefits:


Intense Alleviation: Dive into profound relief, thanks to our amplified blend that acts swiftly and decisively.

Sublime Sensory Experience: Engage in a deep, aromatic journey, which not only quells discomfort but elevates your spirits.

Precision Application: Our roll-on design is precision personified. Elevate, glide, and let the magic unfurl without any mess.

Ethical & Natural Pledge: Our potent salve, formulated without GMOs and cruelty, is our salute to nature and ethics.

Product Specifics: Each roll-on boasts 65 grams (2.3 ounces) of our amplified concoction, ensuring consistent potency and peace with each application.

Does CBD for pain have side effects? Our formula, rooted in natural ingredients, is designed to minimize side effects. However, as with any product, users should always pay heed to their body’s signals and seek medical guidance if uncertain.


Embark on a renewed pain-free journey with Green Gold Healing. Dive deep, immerse yourself in relief, and rise above the ordinary.


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