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CBN Berry Blast 50mg


CBN Gummy Cubes – Berry Blast Delight 🍓🍇

Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of our CBN Gummy Cubes, tailored for ultimate relaxation:

  • Jar Contents:
    • 20 Gummies: Each meticulously crafted for an optimal experience.
    • Dose Strength: 50mg of calming CBN per gummy.
    • Total Potency: A substantial 1000mg of CBN per jar.
    • Flavor Profile: Savor the delectable 🍓🍇 Berry Blast fusion.

Prioritize safety and consume responsibly. Await the serene unfolding, and remember to avoid driving post-indulgence. Enjoy the soothing journey! 🌌🍇🍓.

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CBN gummy cubes. Delight in a jar of 20 gummies, each infused with 50mg of CBN, creating a total of 1000mg of soothing CBN per jar. Give it time – effects may take up to an hour to unfold, providing up to 4 hours of serene bliss. Remember, there's room for more indulgence, but once consumed, there's no going back. Prioritize your safety – refrain from driving after enjoying these tranquil treats.


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