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Orange Chronic Air Freshener – 4 oz


Eliminate the smell of burnt cannabis with our Cronic Orange 4oz Air Freshener. Specially formulated to neutralize odors, it leaves a refreshing orange scent that revitalizes your space. Compact and convenient, this powerful air freshener provides long-lasting freshness wherever you need it. Embrace a fresh and inviting atmosphere today.


Introducing our Cronic Orange 4oz Air Freshener, the ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted odors, especially the lingering smell of burnt cannabis. This powerful air freshener is specifically designed to tackle even the toughest odors, leaving your space refreshed and revitalized.

Infused with a delightful orange scent, it not only masks odors but also provides a refreshing burst of fragrance that uplifts your surroundings. Say goodbye to the unpleasant reminders of burnt cannabis and hello to a rejuvenating and inviting atmosphere.

Our Cronic Orange Air Freshener is meticulously formulated to effectively neutralize odors, thanks to its advanced odor-fighting technology. Its long-lasting formula ensures that the refreshing scent lingers in the air, creating a pleasant and inviting environment for you and your guests.

This 4oz air freshener is compact and convenient, making it perfect for use in various settings. Whether it’s your home, office, car, or any other space that needs a touch of freshness, our Cronic Orange Air Freshener is up to the task.

Experience the power of a truly effective air freshener that is specifically designed to combat the smell of burnt cannabis. Transform your space with the delightful aroma of oranges and eliminate unwanted odors effortlessly. Get rid of the past and embrace a refreshing future with our Cronic Orange 4oz Air Freshener.


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