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Delta 8 Mix Flavor 50mg


D8 Gummie Cubes – Tropical Medley Edition 🌴🍇

Embark on a sensory voyage with our D8 Gummie Cubes, each infused with 50mg of the unique Delta-8 cannabinoid. This tropical fusion features a delightful quartet: 🥭 Mango, 🍓 Berry, 🥝 Kiwi Mellon, and 🫐 Blueberry. Together, they offer a relaxing yet less intense experience compared to Delta-9 THC. The jar holds a potent 1000mg of Delta-8 in total. Enjoy the effects that emerge in about an hour and can last up to 4 hours. Always consume responsibly and avoid driving afterward. Dive into a world of flavor and relaxation! 🌈🌊🍍🍇🥝🫐.

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ELEVATE YOUR EXPERIENCE with our D8 Gummie Cubes. Each jar features 20 infused gummie cubes, packing 50mg of D8 each, resulting in a total of 1000mg D8 per jar. Allow up to one hour for effects to manifest, offering up to 4 hours of enjoyment. Keep in mind, you can indulge in more, but you can't retract. Please avoid driving after consumption.


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