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Gorilla Cake


Gorilla Cake emerges as a standout hybrid strain, offering a unique sensory journey. Its aroma is a complex tapestry, weaving together the pungent notes of sour berries with subtle hints of skunk, all accented by visually striking purple undertones. This strain is a celebration of CBD richness, complemented by an array of legal minor cannabinoids, ensuring a potent and well-rounded experience. The dominant presence of Terpinolene infuses Gorilla Cake with a distinctively gassy terpene profile, perfect for those seeking relaxation and a serene escape throughout the day. Choose Gorilla Cake for an elevated experience in your CBD exploration, and immerse yourself in its distinctive flavors and beneficial qualities.


Gorilla Cake, a hybrid marvel, stands alongside its counterpart, Wedding Cake, in our curated collection. This strain, a proud descendent of GG#4 (Gorilla Glue), mirrors its sibling in potency, bud density, and the essence of its effects. Gorilla Cake distinguishes itself with a bold terpene profile, exuding sour berry notes layered with skunky undertones and visually accented by hints of purple. It’s particularly rich in Terpinolene, a terpene known for its distinctive gassy aroma. This strain is crafted for those who appreciate a sense of ease and relaxation during their day. Its potency is marked not only by high levels of cannabinoids but also by the presence of CBDv, a unique cannabinoid, making Gorilla Cake a notable choice for hemp enthusiasts.

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