Gorilla Haze 3.5g


Experience the pinnacle of quality with Gorilla Haze Indoor CBD Flower. Grown organically to the highest standards, this extraordinary strain combines the legendary Gorilla Glue lineage with the invigorating effects of Haze. With its robust terpene profile, Gorilla Haze offers a sensory delight like no other. Embrace the power of organic, high-quality CBD and indulge in the exceptional.


Introducing Gorilla Haze Indoor CBD Flower, a true masterpiece cultivated organically with utmost care and precision to deliver the highest quality CBD experience. This extraordinary strain combines the legendary Gorilla Glue lineage with the invigorating effects of Haze, creating a truly remarkable cannabis flower.

Grown in a controlled indoor environment, every aspect of Gorilla Haze is meticulously managed to ensure optimal conditions for its growth. From the selection of premium seeds to the nurturing of each plant, our expert growers dedicate themselves to producing a product that exceeds expectations.

One of the defining features of Gorilla Haze is its impressive terpene profile. This strain boasts some of the strongest terpene concentrations among all the flowers we offer. The terpenes in Gorilla Haze contribute to its unique aroma and flavor, creating a sensory experience like no other. Prepare to be captivated by its pungent and earthy notes, with subtle hints of citrus and pine that dance on your palate.

But Gorilla Haze is not just about its exceptional terpene profile. It also shines in its CBD content, providing a well-balanced and soothing experience. Each flower is carefully harvested at the peak of maturity to maximize the CBD potency, ensuring you get the most out of every bud.

When you choose Gorilla Haze, you’re not only indulging in a premium CBD flower, but you’re also embracing a commitment to organic and sustainable practices. Our dedication to quality extends beyond the final product and encompasses the entire cultivation process, from seed to harvest.

Experience the pinnacle of CBD flower perfection with Gorilla Haze. Immerse yourself in its robust terpene profile and revel in the powerful effects it offers. Elevate your cannabis journey with a flower that embodies excellence and discover the wonders of organic, high-quality CBD. Explore Gorilla Haze at Green Gold Healing and unlock a world of natural bliss.

Note: This product contains less than 0.3% THC, ensuring it complies with legal requirements and provides the therapeutic benefits of CBD without psychoactive effects.


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