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Grape Eraser


Unleash the nostalgic power of Grape Eraser, our captivating CBD flower strain. With its sweet berry funk aroma and stunning olive and deep purple buds, this hydroponically grown indoor strain is a must-try for hemp enthusiasts. Experience the well-balanced effects of this high-CBD, low-THC hybrid, perfect for any time of day. Discover the wonders of Grape Eraser at and let nature’s healing embrace transform your hemp experience.


Grape Eraser is extremely pungent, with a sweet berry funk embodying a nostalgic grape eraser aroma. Grown hydroponically indoors. Buds are sticky and colorful, with tones of olive and deep purple. With Kush in its lineage, grape eraser is a unique must-try strain! High in the terpenes Myrcene (0.1.22%) and Limonene (0.30%), giving Grape Eraser well-balanced and potent effects of a hybrid for anytime of day.

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Grape Eraser 1 Gram, Grape Eraser 3.5 Grams, Grape Eraser 7 Grams, Grape Eraser 14 Grams, Grape Eraser 1 Oz


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