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Bliss Blend Gummies – Lemon Pound Cake Flavor 🍋🍰

Dive into moments of sheer delight with our Bliss Blend Gummies, infused with the tantalizing essence of lemon pound cake. A single gummy boasts a rich blend of 10mg HHC, 8mg D8, 9mg D9, 8mg H4CBD, 10mg CBG, and 6mg CBD, summing up to 50mg cannabinoids for an elevated sense of bliss. Experience more with our diverse array of gummy offerings, each curating a special sensation. Savor responsibly and steer clear of driving post-consumption. 🍋🌟🌿🍰

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Bliss Blend Gummies a fusion of delight and relaxation. 10mg HHC, 8mg D8, 9mg D9, 8mg H4CBD, 10mg CBG, 6mg CBD. Elevate with 50mg of total cannabinoids per cube. Embrace the unfolding bliss, remembering effects may take up to an hour to manifest, and can last for as long as 6 hours. Please use responsibly, and refrain from driving after consumption


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