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Mellow fellow clarity Durban poison


Experience Mellow Fellow Clarity Durban Poison Vape Cartridge – Elevate Your Focus! Clear your mind with this energizing sativa strain. Delight in complex flavors of pine, spicy herbs, and sage. Made with THCV, HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and CBG for a perfect match with Da Vinci’s Clarity series. Control your vaping with 2.5v or 3.5v options and an air control valve.


Clear your mind as you experience Durban’s Poison’s cerebral escape. The epitome of sativa strain, Durban Poison will leave its consumer feeling uplifted and energetic- perfect for leaving your woes behind. While your mind will be clear, the flavor profile is complex with hints of pine, spicy herbs, and sage. The cannabinoid blend in Da Vinci’s Clarity series is a perfect match with this strain to ensure you will have a clear head to focus on what really matters. Stay Clarity clear.


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