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Mellow fellow jungle cake


Discover Mellow Fellow Jungle Cake Vape Cartridge – The Perfect Balance! Indulge in this captivating hybrid strain, a blend of Wedding Cake and White Fire OG, for the ultimate balanced experience. Delight in rich flavors of vanilla, butter, and pepper. Made with THCM, HHC, PHC, Delta 8, and CBG, this 2ml disposable vape guarantees a uniquely original encounter. Control your vaping with 2.5v or 3.5v options and an air control valve


Jungle Cake is a hybrid strain combining Wedding Cake and White Fire OG giving you the best of both sativa and indica properties. Jungle cake is known for its effects to start in the mind and then work its way through your body for the ultimate balanced experience. It has a rich flavor with hints of vanilla, butter and pepper.


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