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Mellow fellow Baquiat’s Motivation Tangie


Introducing Mellow Fellow Baquiat’s Motivation Tangie 2ml Disposable Vape Cartridge – Ignite Your Motivation!

Experience the brilliance of Tangie, a sativa strain blending California Orange and Skunk genetics. Immerse yourself in its tropical orange-citrus aroma, awakening your senses to a world of inspiration.

Unlock your potential with Tangie’s uplifting, creative, and focused effects – the perfect recipe for sparking motivation. Embrace a sense of empowerment and drive, as each puff fuels your inner fire.

Crafted with precision, our 2ml Disposable Vape Cartridge features a masterful blend of HHC, PHC, and CBG. Prepare for an unparalleled experience, as these cannabinoids work together to enhance your journey.


Tangie is a sativa strain that combines the genetics of California Orange and Skunk. Fall subject to its characteristic tropical orange-citrus aroma to spark your senses. Tangie leaves its user feeling uplifted, creative and focused, the perfect recipe to ignite motivation.



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