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Tattoo aftercare 10kmg LIDOCAINE



Greengold Healing’s Tattoo Relief Salve: A Fusion of Comfort and Craft

Dive into a transformative tattoo experience with Greengold Healing’s Tattoo Pain Relief Salve, masterfully blended with 10,000 milligrams of CBD and 1,000 milligrams of lidocaine. Meticulously formulated with pure CBD isolate, lush raw coconut oil, natural beeswax, and nourishing shea butter, this 4-ounce salve captures three years of dedicated research and development. CBD, nature’s potent anti-inflammatory, ensures minimal redness and irritation during tattooing, while the lidocaine offers profound numbing effects, making extended tattoo sessions more bearable. Elevate your tattoo journey, merging unparalleled comfort with unparalleled craft.

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