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Flow Blend Gummies – Bananas and Cream Flavor 🍌🍦

Dive into balanced harmony with our Flow Blend Gummies, a flavorful merger of ripe bananas and velvety cream. Each cube delivers a potent mix of THCV (5mg), D8 (5mg), HHC (10mg), CBG (15mg), and CBD (15mg) for a total of 50mg of cannabinoids. Explore the vastness of our gummy collection, tailored for various desires and experiences. Please consume mindfully and avoid driving post-consumption. 🌿🌊🍌🍦

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Flow Blend Gummies: 1000mg total, 50mg per cube, 20 cube per jar. Unleash the potential of THCV 5mg, D8 5mg, HHC 10mg, CBG 15mg, CBD 15mg. Effects may take up to 1 hour, lasting 4 hours. Consume responsibly


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